What is Blabbelon?

Blabbelon is a free service that helps people gather and communicate using high definition VoIP protocols. Although built by gamers for gamers, anyone can use the simple push-to-talk system. You can create your own network of contacts, create your own connections or join those of other users. As well as voice chat, Blabbelon offers instant messaging, a full text and voice message service and much more. For more information click here.

Blabbelon is free to all users and available for Windows OS Windows (XP SP2+), Mac OS X Mac OS X (10.5+), iPad (iOS 4.2+), iPhone (iOS 4.2+) and any java enabled web browser, so you can use the service without downloading and installing any software if you would prefer. Blabbelon is ideal for video game enthusiasts, but also has tools that let the individual user talk with contacts in real-life.

What is Push-To-Talk and what are the benefits?

Blabbelon uses push-to-talk, which means that people take turns speaking by pressing a button on their keyboard or the client user interface. This works because people normally don't talk over each other, and enables Blabbelon to scale much easier than, say, the telephone. By scale, we mean the ability to allow 10's, 100's and even 1000's of users to be connected simultaneously, without a need for huge internet capacity. This means that you can be on Blabbelon with your many friends, family and professional contacts either one-on-one, or in groups - just the way you want it. What's great about Blabbelon is that you never have to "hang up" keep Blabbelon running, than all you ever have to do is push a button and say "hello".

How much does Blabbelon cost?

Nothing. Blabbelon is FREE to all users and will continue to be so for the forseeable future. It is available for Windows OS Windows (XP SP2+), Mac OS X Mac OS X (10.5+), iPad (iOS 4.2+), iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 4.2+) and any java enabled web browser.

What platforms does Blabbelon run on?

Blabbelon is available for Windows OS Windows (XP SP2+), Mac OS X Mac OS X (10.5+), iPad (iOS 4.2+), iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 4.2+) and any java enabled web browser.

Where can I get Blabbelon?

You'll find all you need on our downloads page. Alternatively you can use the web browser version at blabbelontalk.com.

I already have a voice chat service, why should I change to Blabbelon?

Blabbelon as exception voice audio and allows you to configure an unlimited number of servers of your own at no cost, as well as add servers of other users to your account. With clients for numerous platforms, from desktops computers to mobile devices, Blabbelon provides easy management of servers and friends.You'll have access to a large and rapidly growing network of users. You'll never be out of touch and can easily organize chats/raids and PUGs using the full messaging service. Additionally, Blabbelon helps allows you to upload content, which we'll host on our servers, and provide you with a URL to share with other users and friends.

How does Blabbelon differ from similar products for gaming?

Well, it's free, it's easier to add servers and manage users, it offers full messaging protocols as well as many other features. We suggest looking over the support pages even if you have experience with Mumble, Ventrilo, etc. There is quite a lot of features available on Blabbelon that you won't be used to.

How do I get started?

Just sign up for a FREE blabbelon account on one of our clients and add friends and servers. It really is as quick and easy as that!

How can I sign up?

You can sign up directly from any client you choose. Enter an email address, hit go and your in! We'll send you an account verification email, but this does not have to be actioned immediately. When you're next on your email you can click to confirm you want the account.

What is a Blabbelon key for?

A connection key is a identifier code unique to each each server or channel, much like the urls used by other VoIP products. On Blabbelon, however, they can be changed at any time by the owner so you don't have to worry about losing control. Simply paste a key into the key field and hit return. You'll be connected instantly and the server will appear on your list if not there before.

How will i know when a newer version is available?

The apps will automatically check for the latest version, unless you disable the function. Naturally, the web browser version will always be the most recent. We'll also send email with news and update information. Make sure the box is checked in your profile is you want to be kept informed.

Can i do other things at the same time?

Definitely, Blabbelon lets you set your push-to-talk key, then switch between software programs. Even if you aren't looking at the Blabbelon interface, any time your press the push-to-talk, you'll hear the comfort tone indicating your microphone is live. That means you can surf the web, type a letter, or check your email and still chat while Blabbelon runs in the background.

You say it's free, so what's the catch?

Nope, no catch. As fans of gaming ourselves we want to help everyone to have the best experience possible. So it is free, there are no hidden costs or subscriptions. We may eventually introduce a pro version with different and extended features, allow users to pay for dedicated servers if they want them or maybe have to throw up the occasional ad, but we don't want those either.

Is Blabbelon only for gamers?

No, anyone can use the service. Some of the terminology used may see daunting to non-gamers, but really once you've played with it for 5 minutes your good to go. Just remember, servers are just like rooms and channels are like rooms off of them. Done, you know it all!

What will be added to Blabbelon in the future? Do you have a roadmap?

Effects, one to one calls (direct calling), video capture, stereo positioning, Feel free to use the feedback form and let us know what you'd like added.

How is this Blabbelon different to the old one?

In addition to a massive hardware upgrade for the network to speed everything up considerably, there has been a lot of functionality added. Connection passwording, blah, blah, blah, to name just a few. The best way to find out about them all is to visit the v3 page.

How do I create an account?

Urm... Enter an email address and hit go!

I have an Andriod phone. Will you me releasing a mobile app I can get?

Development of Blabbelon for Andriod is underway. Send us an email at support@blabbelon.com or use the feedback form and we'll email you when it's ready,

How long does it take to set up?

A couple of minutes , well.. seconds really, even if you don't have an account. Have a look at our getting started page.

I've not used my account in a while. Is it still active?

Sure, we don't erase accounts unless requested by the user.

What's next for Blabbelon?

We have an extensive planned roadmap of features including voice effects, stereo positioning, content sharing to interactive and cooperative games are already in development. Make sure you have the 'Send me notifications' selected in you account information and we'll keep you informed with news and release notes. We'll also be developing the ideas and request you, the user, send us via the feedback forms on each of the clients.

What makes Blabbelon better than other such services?

Thanks to Blabbelon's proprietory patent pending technology we have low latency servers that scale big very well and our distributed architecture ensures optimal network paths for audio. Additionally, Blabbelon uses Skypes SILK codec to ensure best audio experience possible. Together this enables us to deliver the best VoIP audio product around.

I heard you are going to release a pro version. How will this be different and what features can we expect to see?

While our goal is to continue offering a high quality service for everyone at no cost and build a network community, the team are already developing a PRO version, though we can share no details at this time. Feel free to let us know of any features you would like to see on it at support@blabbelon.com.

The server structure is different to what i'm used to!

When using Blabbelon, you are in effect connected to all your servers at the same time, even if not active on them. This allows us to keep you updated on everything that is happen on the network with respect to both your servers and contacts. When you double click a server you are then 'present' in the lobby. You can also connect directly to any channel on your servers list without having to 'change' server. ie. every server lobby and channel is accessible instantly.

Can I use Blabbelon in a vox mode and not have to use the talk button?

Sure, the servers will allow up to 1000 simultaneous talkers! Click the latch button and the PTT will remain active until you click again. Note: the mobile apps cannot process multi talk due to lack of processing power. You'll hear the first person to PTT if multiple users are talking.

Can I change to volume of an individual user?

Yes, unlike other popular VoIP products, the Blabbelon client for Windows and Mac desktops allow you to set the volume of each user. This setting is saved and is used whenever they speak in any chat you are both in.

Do the clients have echo cancellation?

Yes, unlike all the other VoIP products offering a similar service, all our clients have echo cancellation to some degree, though some more than others.

Can I group friends together?

Does Blabbelon have a pop out chat window?

Sure (desktop clients only) either in overlay mode or of the main interface you can detach the chat window. See the desktop client pages for more details.

I've forgotten my password. How can I get a new one?

Click the forgot password button, enter the email address you registered with and press send. We'll email you a link to reset your password.

How do I configure servers?

Select the 'Configure connection' button ICON and a window will open to add a new server. Along with a name (required) you'll have the choice of adding a password and making the server public. Public servers will appear in the directory search results and can be added by other users.

How can I add a server?

There are a number of ways to add servers to your list. You can configure your own, enter a key if you have been given one, search the directory for public servers or accept an invitation from another user. 1) For more information on configuring servers see here. 2) If you have obtain a connection key, enter it in the keys field and hit go. This will not only connect you but add the server to your list if you don't already have it. 3) Servers on Blabbelon can be set as either public or private. If you search the directory for servers we'll search through all servers that are set to public. From here you can easily add it to your list. 4) If you accept a chat invite from a user, the chat connection will be added to your list and you will have access.

How do I add servers?

You can either configure your own servers, search the directory for public servers, enter a key if you know it or be invited. 1) To configure a server click the new connection button ICON or select configure a server form the top menu. A window will open from which you can configure a new server. 2) To search the directory, open the directory select the servers tab and enter all or part of the server name you are looking for. 3) To add a server using a key, simply paste the key you have into the key field on the main interface and hit return. 4) You'll also add servers to your list if you accept an invite from a user.

How do I add channels?

You can add channels if you are the server owner or are a server admin. Right click the server and click 'Create a channel' or click the new connection button to create a channel on your current server. Note: Server owners have overriding control. If you are a server admin any channel you create can also be managed or even deleted by the server owner.

Can I password protect my server and channels?

Yes. If you own the server or channel, right click it and select set password. If you are the owner of a channel on someone else's server the server owner has overall control. So be aware they can remove or change it.

Can I change the key for one of my server or channels?

Yes. Right click the connection in the list or select the key manager if already connected, and select change key. This immediate change the key. All users who have access will retain it and no one else will be able to join using the old one. If you want to remove users you can access the user manager and revoke their membership.

Can i manage the users who have access to my channels?

Right click the channel in the list and select manage users. From this window you can promote/demote, ban/unban and revoke a user's access of your channel and remove it from their list. We recommend changing the channel key if you are revoking access. This way the removed user's will not be able to regain access. Note: If you do not own the server, remember that the server owner will have overriding control.

How do I invite people?

Right click a connection or user and select invite. Alternatively, open the message window and select the invite tab.

How can I add a user?

Click on the directory icon, select the users tab type in all or part of their alias, name or email address and hit search. From the list you'll be able to view their public profiles and press send. It as easy as that. You can include a message too.

Do you have an overlay mode?

Yes we do (desktop clients only). Blabbelon can be changed to an overlay at the press of a hotkey for which you can customise the opacity, colors and fonts. Blabbelon also has an overlay chat window which can also be customised and fade in and out and has a transparency setting. See here for more information.

How will I know when new messages arrive?

What settings options does the app offer?

How do I share media?

Just select upload content and select the file you want other to see. At the moment we are only allowing images you own, like screen shots of games or your own photos. We will host the image on our servers and you'll get a url for it. This url can be posted anywhere and people will be able to see what you've shared! We are looking to extend the types of file you can share beyond images, to videos, pdfs and other document formats in the near future.

The Network
Is there a limit to the number of users who can be in chat at once?

Yes, it's 7000! So really no, for all intents and purposes there is no limit in practical terms.

Can I use Blabbelon clients to connect to other services, such as Ventrilo/Mumble or Teamspeak?

No. Blabbelon is a self contained network of servers and users that uses it's own protocols runs on it's own proprietory patent pending technology. While we understand why some of you may want to link to other services we're sure that our rapidly expanding user and server base and development roadmap will soon prove that operating solely on Blabbelon will provide the you with the best gaming and voice chat experience available.

Why does Blabbelon sound so much better than other voice products?

Thanks to Blabbelon's proprietory patent pending technology we have low latency servers that scale big very well and our distributed architecture ensures optimal network paths for audio. Additionally, Blabbelon uses Skypes SILK codec to ensure best audio experience possible. Together this enables us to deliver the best VoIP audio product around.

What are the bandwidth requirements?

Bandwidth : we use Skype's SILK codec. This requires between 15kb/s and 30kb/s depending on the quality of your network connection. Blabbelon will automatically adjust itself to suit your current network connection and conditions.

How secure are my servers and channels?

Your servers and channels are secured on the network by the multiple layers of security and permission checks implemented by Blabbelon. Firstly, because Blabbelon is a private service, it is not accessible by anyone who is not a Blabbelon user. Secondly, if your servers are set to private they cannot be found by other user searches. Thirdly, we have the unique keys for each server and channel connection. If the key is not distributed no one can use it to gain access to the server or put it on their list. Should a member distribute the key on purpose or inadvertently, you can change it with a single click. Anyone who has membership will retain it and no one else can use the now invalid key. Additionally, with the easy to use connection manager, you can edit the list of anyone who has access quickly. Lastly, any server lobby or channel can be passworded (6 to 32 characters). If a user does have the server on their list, but doesn't know the password they cannot connect to it. We also have a one click password request feature, where we'll contact the owner on your behalf who will chose to grant or deny sharing of the password.

I have ideas/found bugs. How can I help or contact you?

Great, let us know what you think. Email support@blabbelon.com or use the feedback form on any of the Blabbelon clients.

Common Problems and Resolutions