The NEW mobile app from Blabbelon for iPad has virtually all the power and functionality of the desktop applications. Version 3 is a massive upgrade on our last release both in terms of mobile app functionality and the features now available on Blabbelon as a whole. The new iOS application is available from the Apple App Store for FREE, as are all Blabbelon Products, so you can stay in touch with your friends, fellow gamers and guilds at all time. You'll never miss anything or be out of touch ever again!

New features you'll find on Blabbelon v3 can be found here.

Of course, all existing Blabbelon accounts will work on version 3, but if you do still need to sign up for a FREE account, you can do so right from the app or visit

Available from the app store

Start Up

When the app has finished loading, you'll be presented login and sign up screen. On subsequent visits you'll be logged straight in automatically unless you logged out before closing the app.

Log in

If you already have an account simply log in to Blabbelon by entering your email address and password in the fields provided. If you have forgotten your password, touch 'Forgot your password?' and enter your email address in field that appears. We'll immediately email you a link to reset your password.

Sign Up

If you need to sign up for a FREE Blabbelon account, you can do so directly from the app. Enter a valid email address, press sign up and your in! We will send you an account verification email, but this does not have to be actioned immediately. We want you to get started asap. When you're next on your email you can click to verify your new account.

We'll need you to accept our terms and conditions to create an account on Blabbelon.

The Interface

When you log in you'll be presented with the main interface. You'll notice that the left hand section lists your servers, friends and messages for easy navigation and management. The right hand, larger, section shows houses the interface for your current connection, text chat and media. For those users who are familiar with our other clients, Blabbelon for iPad is a combination of both the desktop and iPhone apps!

Your Servers

To use Blabbelon you'll need some servers to connect with other users on. For those of you who are new to Blabbelon, servers and their channels are like rooms, where people can gather to talk, text chat and share media. You can either configure your own servers, enter a key if you have one, search the directory for public servers, or be invited by other users. Blabbelon allows you to have an unlimited number of servers on your account.

The Servers Tab

At the top of the servers tab, you'll find shortcuts to;

  1. Search the directory Search Directory
  2. Send a chat invitation
  3. Configure a server or channel Configure Connection
  4. Sort the servers list Sort Server List

A typical server list might look like the list shown here on the left. Each server is shown with it's channels listed below.

If you select the sort option you can choose to show or hide the channels
or sort the list either;

  1. Alphabetically
  2. by the date it was configured
  3. by the number of times you have connected
  4. by the number of users currently connected

If a server is public it will show the Public Icon icon on the left and if private Private Icon will be shown.
A channels public status is determined by that of the server.

Connection Options

Select any server or channel in the list and you will be present with a list of tasks to perform on that connection.

  1. Connect
  2. Send an invitation - Invite someone to the selected connection.
  3. Create a channel - Create a channel (if you selected a server).*
  4. Set/Change password - Add additional security to the connection with a password.*
  5. Server Status - Set the server as either public Public Icon or private Private Icon.*
  6. Manage Users - Open the key manager to easily control the access and admin level of all the users with the connection.*
  7. Destroy or Delete - Delete the server or channel if you own it. Otherwise, remove it from your list.
  8. About the connection - Information and stats for the selected connection.

*The option is dependent on your admin level.

Adding Servers
Using Keys

A connection key is a identifier code unique to each each server or channel, much like the urls used by other VoIP products. On Blabbelon, however, they can be changed at any time by the owner with one button press, so you don't have to worry about losing control of user access.

Simply paste a key into the key field and hit return. Once verified you can be connected instantly and the server will appear on your list if you didn't have it already.

Configure servers

You'll need to enter some information to configure a server;

  1. A name for your server (required).
  2. Enter a password for another level of security (optional).
  3. Choose whether you want the server to be public and listed in directory search results.
  4. Choose whether to be connected immediately.

When you're ready, press 'Create' and we'll configure the server. This process doesn't take long and you'll see the progress clearly displayed on screen.

If you own a server, or are an admin of one, you can create channels.
Click here to find out how.

Search the directory

We've set Blabbelon up to make it as easy as possible to hook up with other users to either just chat or join PUGs.

Enter all or part of a server name into the field and press 'Search'.

You'll see information shown for each result listed.

  1. Name
  2. Who owns it
  3. User stats
  4. or if a password is required.
  5. For information on requesting passwords click here.

To add one of the servers displayed, select it and confirm your selection. The server will added to your list and you'll be able to connect immediately.

Another way to gain access to a server is to be invited by another user. See the Messaging on iOS and Blabbelon section for more details.

Your Friends

The friends list shows all of your contacts on Blabbelon and their current online presence, with active users at the top and offline or pending friend requests below. By selecting a user you can view their profiles from which you can message and manage the user on your account.

At the bottom of the list you'll find any friend groups you have created. Click here for more information on grouping friends and the benefits of doing so.

The Friends Tab

At the top of the friends tab, you'll find shortcuts to;

  1. Search the directory Search Directory
  2. Send a message
  3. Add contacts Add Contacts
  4. Create a friend group Add Group Icon


  1. - Online
  2. - Not Available
  3. - Offline
  4. - Friend request pending

You can change your own presence setting on the bar at the top of the screen or from the 'Account Options' menu.

If a friend is on a server you have on your list, the server or channel name will be shown below their name. This way you'll be able to find them quickly.

Search the directory for users

We've set Blabbelon up to make it as easy as possible to find other users so you can create a network of friends.

Enter all or part of a user's alias, name or email address into the field and press 'Search'.

You'll see basic profile information and avatar shown for each result listed.

To add one of the users displayed, select them, view and confirm you want to send them a request. You can also add your own message.

The user will added to your list immediately, but remain in a friendship pending state until they action your request.

User Profiles

A user's profile will display any information about themselves that they have chosen to share with other users. At the very least it will show their alias, the only thing on Blabbelon that cannot be private. They may have included other personal information such as their name, location, website URL etc or have uploaded their own avatar to make themselves easily identifiable.

From a user's profile, you can;

  1. Delete them as a friend .
  2. Send them a message .
  3. Add them to a friend group.

If you have access to their current server or channel, this will also be displayed on the profile. Touching the connection name will connect you immediately.

Creating Friend Groups

Press the Add Group Icon button on the friends list shortcuts to create a group.

Enter a name for your new group into the field and press 'Done'.

Your new group will appear at the bottom of your friends list, ready for use.

Using Friend Groups

At the bottom of your friends list you'll find the friend groups you have created. User's can be added to groups via their profiles.

After selecting a group you can view member profiles, message all group members at once and delete the group .

1) From the friends list, select a group to view it's members.

2) Here you can manage and message the group.

3) Select 'Edit' or swipe a row to remove friends from the group.

4) Confirm your selection and press 'Done'.

Connecting to a Server or Channel.

Select a connection in your list and the connection options will open. Select the top option 'Connect' to do so.

If a connection is password protected you'll be required to enter a password to enable you to connect. The app will, by default, save the password and automatically complete the field for future visits. This behaviour can be changed in the app settings.

You will see a list of current users. Blah blah

Connected to Servers and Channels
In the example on the left, we see that we are connected to the server 'Ice Tracker', which has four users connected at present.

Across the top of the display are shortcuts to;

  1. Enter keys
  2. Open the Key Manager .
  3. Make the connection public or private .*
  4. Tweet .**

To change the mini profile on right of the view, select a user from the list.

Some of the functionality may require that you own the connection or an admin of it.

*You can only make the server public or private. A channel's status is governed by that of the server.


To join the conversation, simply press at the bottom of the screen and speak!

When a user (including yourself) is talking, will be shown by their name in the list. If you are on the conversation tab, an indicator of who is talking will be displayed by the tabs.

*The iOS device cannot, as yet, support multitalk. In the situation that multiple users talk simultaneously, the app will only play the audio of the first user to speak. Similarly, we cannot yet offer the second audio channel for officers/admins as on the desktop client.

Admin Functions when connected

Each user has their admin level displayed beside their name on the right.

If you are an admin or owner of the connection, you can perform the admin functions by selecting their name in the list and and selecting an option. You can then;

Promote and Demote,
Silence and Unsilence,
or Ban the user, disconnecting them.

Additionally, you can choose to send the user a message, invitation or view their full profile.

If you own a connection you can further control user access and permissions via the User Manager.

Text Chat

The app offers full text chat functionality and the chat history is saved for each connection separately. You can also view content and web links in the app's Media Viewer. This means you don't have to lose audio while viewing in Safari!

To share images, select 'Upload' at the bottom of the screen while connected. We'll host the image and post a url into the the chat.

You can customize the look of the chat view from the app settings menu.


The Blabbelon network messaging protocol offers a number of different message styles to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. You can send Chat invitations, Friend Requests, Text Messages, Voice Messages, Password Requests and Email invitations to people who have not yet seen the light and signed up! You can create a new message by selecting or the 'New Message' button at the bottom of the screen.

All Blabbelon messaging is contextual for your convenience. If you're creating the new message from a user's profile, for example, they will be pre-selected as the recipient and, likewise, if you are currently connected or are inviting from a connection's options menu, this connection will be selected by default for invitations. Both of these, however, can be changed. We find it makes the user experience much better, especially for mobile apps.

Hover over the image below for examples of messaging on Blabbelon for iPad.

Click the above for examples!
Sending Messages and Invitations

1) Chat Invitations are pretty much self explanatory!
If not completed as desired, select a user and connection to invite the user to join you on. You also have the option of adding your own message. The recipient will see the message on their message list instantly and have the option to accept or decline.

2) Friend Requests are, again, as you would expect. After choosing to add a user from the directory search results, you can enter your own message before sending the request. The recipient will have the option to accept or decline. The user will be shown in your list immediately, however, but be in a pending state until they action your request.

3) Text messages are what we are all used to these days.
Choose a friend to message if the pre-selected user is not who you are looking to contact, enter your message and hit 'Send'.

4) New to version 3 is voice messaging. Again, probably no explanation required.
Choose a friend to message , record your message, review it and rerecord if necessary. Then hit 'Send'.

5) Request Password messages are an easy way of contacting the owner of a server or channel. If you have a connection on your list but don't know the password, you can choose to request it, you can add a message of your own in the field provided, and hit 'Send'. The owner will be asked to grant or deny you access. If they grant you access, we'll contact you with the password.

6) Email invites enable you to email someone who is not yet registered with Blabbelon. Complete the form as an invitation an we'll email them for you. The email they receive will have your message included and include a link to get the started. It may be best, however, to search their email first.

Message Notifications

When you installed the app, you will have been asked whether Blabbelon can push notifications to you. If you said 'yes' you'll get an alert when you receive a new message on Blabbelon and the app is not running. This setting can be changed in the device's 'General Settings' app.

The number of unread messages you have will be displayed on the app icon, on the device's home screen. You will also see the number of unread messages displayed on the left of the messages tab short cut bar. The app can also alert you whenever you are not on the messages tab and a message arrives. This behaviour can be changed in the app settings section.

Select the messages tab to see your Blabbelon inbox, where unread messages are displayed in bold.

At the top of the messages tab, you'll find shortcuts to;

  1. View your new messages New Messages
  2. Send a message
  3. Filter your messages Filter Messages
  4. Delete messages Delete Messages

Click the above for examples!
Receiving Messages and Invitations

1) If you receive a chat invitation, someone is asking to meet you on a server or channel. You will have the the option to accept or decline. If you accept the server will be added to your list if it is not already. If you already have it, you'll also have the option to connect right away.

2) Friend Requests are other Blabbelon users asking you to join their network. You have the option to accept or decline the gesture. If you accept, they will be added to your list and you can start interacting with them.

3) Text messages are what we are all used to these days.
You can reply and/or delete it when convenient.

4) New to version 3 is voice messaging. Again, probably no explanation required.
You can reply and/or delete it when convenient.

5) You'll receive password requests when someone wants access to a passworded connection you own.
You can either send the password or deny the request.

Your Profile

Your profile allows you to personalize and specify information about yourself to share with other Blabbelon users, such as name, location or your website URL. At your discretion, you can enter as much or as little information about yourself as you like and set your privacy settings to share or hide it from others, with the exception of your alias which must be public. We take privacy very seriously, and give you full control over which information is private or public.
Blabbelon will never forward your personal information to any third parties for spam or other solicitations.

Editing your profile

Select any row on your profile and the screen will change to allow you to edit the information. Make sure the box is checked if you want other user's to know something about you.

In addition to your information you can also upload an avatar for yourself. This will be seen by user's in a number of places on Blabbelon. It is a good way for other user's to find you easily. Press 'Upload Image' to customise your image and choose from the device's photo album or camera roll.

Press 'Save' when finished.

Note: There are further account settings you can customise in the settings section.


With your permission, we can sync Blabbelon with your Twitter account. Select 'Touch to sync' and enter your twitter account details on the Twitter authorization page. This is Twitter's own web page. They'll confirm everything securely your Blabbelon account will be linked. Your account can be unlinked, at any time, by pressing the button at the bottom of the window.

Press 'Touch to sync'
and complete Twitter's
authorization page.

After your Blabbelon account is linked with your Twitter account, you can press the button at any time while connected to a server or channel. The Twitter window will open and you can tweet quickly and easily, without missing anything.

Select the 'include current key' box and add the key link to your current connection so others can join you immediately.

You can also tweet links from the app's Media Viewer, when viewing content posted in the IM chat of your current connection, by pressing the 'Tweet Link' button at the bottom of the screen.

App Settings

Click the above for examples!
App Preferences

The app and Blabbelon has functionality you can customize:-

  1. Audio Path - Change the default audio setting. You can use the speakers, headphones or headset. The app will look for this when it starts. If not available another path will be chosen
  2. Soundcheck - Test the device's input and output channels.
  3. Change Password - Change the password for your Blabbelon account.
  4. Set Message Signature - Set or disable text standard text to appear on your messages.
  5. Notifications - Choose which notifications you would like to recieve.
  6. Connection Passwords - Manage the passwords for your servers and channels. The app can auto-complete password entry fields for your convenience.
  7. Text Chat Settings - Customize the look of your text chat.
  8. Send Feedback - We're always interested in ideas and comments Blabbelon user's have and appreciate reports of any issues, to help better the service.
  9. Version - Information on the version of the app you are using. Make sure you have the latest!

Have your say!

We are constantly working to improve Blabbelon. If you have any comments or suggestions please send them to us. You can send us feedback either directly via the settings menu or right here.

We read them all and while we hope you'll not find any bugs or have technical problems, if you report them to us we can fix them right away. We want you to have the best voice chat experience possible and we'll work tirelessly to deliver.

Thanks for your support,

The Blabbelon Team.